3 Concerns about Sterilization of Stainless Steel Products

3 Concerns about Sterilization of Stainless Steel Products

Sterilization of clean containers is important in the manufacture and storage of cannabis and CBD products.

Stainless steel can be sterilized, but some stainless steel products can and cannot be sterilized.

Although there are various types of sterilization, this time we will introduce the case of sterilizing a stainless steel container (SUS 304/SUS 316 L) manufactured by Nitto Metal Industry by autoclaving (autoclave sterilization/121 °C for 20 minutes).

Please feel free to inquire about the sterilization of each product.


  • I’m looking for a rust and corrosion resistant container that doesn’t harm Cannabis.
  • To prevent contamination with CBD oil
  • be looking for a product that puts safety first
  • Looking for products that focus on functionality and Cannabis quality over cost

Can stainless steel products be sterilized?

As long as the product is made of all stainless steel (made of only stainless steel) and has no parts such as resin or rubber attached, sterilization in an autoclave is basically possible.

Do you have an image that stainless steel products are used in hospitals and laboratories?

Examples of Stainless Steel Products Requiring Confirmation of Sterilization

・Be equipped with resin components
・Comes with rubber parts such as packing
・have casters
・Be labeled

In such products, even though the stainless steel part can be sterilized, there is a possibility that the attached parts cannot be sterilized (for example, the heat resistant temperature of the parts is too low to be sterilized), so it is necessary to check beforehand.

Check the heat resistance of the product or contact our company.

The silicon packing ([PQA] [PQB] [PQL]) that comes with the standard our company stainless steel sealed container can be sterilized by steam.

Check the heat resistance of the product or contact our company.

What should I be careful about sterilizing stainless steel products?

・Remove parts that cannot be sterilized

・Remove the parts that can be removed so that it can be sterilized to every corner.

・Keep the container open (with the lid open) and put it in the sterilizer.

・Put small parts such as tools in a basket.

・Dry well after sterilization

Refer to the instructions for using your sterilizer.

Sterilize stainless steel products so they don't rust?

Stainless steel is not rustproof, but it is a rustproof metal, and it will rust if the rust condition is satisfied.

For example, if water droplets remain after sterilization, they may rust and become rusty in the same way as normal cleaning. Therefore, please dry thoroughly after sterilization.

Stainless steel products that are highly recommended if sterilization is a prerequisite

Stainless steel products that do not easily collect water droplets and allow smooth drying after sterilization

There is a stainless steel product with improved sanitary property by eliminating the part where dirt and water accumulate.

Since there is no part where water enters the product body, it not only dries smoothly after sterilization, but also has excellent washability and can be used to prevent contamination and contamination.

Stainless Steel Trolley for Autoclave Sterilization

The standard container truck cannot be sterilized.

“KMS-A” is a sterilizable carriage with casters that can be sterilized in an autoclave.

Stainless Steel Products Supporting Sterilization

We also manufacture stainless steel sterilization cans and baskets that are useful for placing instruments in sterilization machines.

Can be custom-designed and manufactured according to the size of the sterilizer and the size of the instrument to be inserted.

It is possible to order “I want to prioritize the usability here”.

Our company’s containers are particularly well received by Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers. We have been supplying to generic pharmaceutical companies and health food manufacturers including Megapharma for many years.
In addition to considering applications and usage environments, we can design and manufacture stainless steel products that meet customer needs, such as “We want products that are suitable for sterilization” and “We want to place importance on measures against contamination.”.
If you are looking for a stainless steel product, please feel free to contact us.