We also make fully-customized
stainless steel containers.





We understand exactly the “quality” you need.

You don’t have to worry about quality at all, because in our over 60 year history, we have been
through numerous of troubles and difficulties.
And, we have solved all the troubles and overcame all difficulties with our sincerity and perseverance.

The quality needed by a plant that makes blood products, the quality needed by a plant that makes tablets, the culture vessel’s quality needed by biotechnology companies…
We know the quality you need in your field.

Over 120,000+ saved drawings

We have over 120,000 custom-made drawings of stainless steel containers. This is the precious asset of our 60+ years of experience. When you need a fully-customized container, you will need to consider the designing, make drawings, order the material from scratch. Y ou will worry about the price, quality and the lead time.

Nitto Kinzoku Kogyo has 1000+ kinds of base containers, 120,000+ of production drawings, 60+ years of experience, and experienced sales engineers. We promise you will get the best solutions.

Pharmaceutical industry