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We make custom-made stainless steel containers from one item accoding to customer's requests.
This section presents examples of products that have been used by customers by shape.

The product examples shown are only a small part of the production record.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or are considering making stainless steel products.

Example of custom-made stainless steel containers

Please feel free to ask me anything about our products.
We can customize the product to suit your needs.

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We also make fully-customized stainless steel containers.

You don't have to worry about quality at all, because in our over 60 year history, we have been through numerous of troubles and difficulties.

And, we have solved all the troubles and overcame all difficulties with our sincerity and perseverance.

The quality needed by a plant that makes blood products, the quality needed by a plant that makes tablets, the culture vessel's quality needed by biotechnology companies…

We know the quality you need in your field.

Over 120,000+ saved drawings

Our greatest strength is in providing our customers with advanced customization services for stainless steel container products and in proposals for customers who need system products, using our 60 years of accumulated achievements and experience.

The minimum order quantity is, of course, “1”.

Thousands of our base products are available in our catalogue and on our homepage. The customer can choose the suitable container for their own use, and then customize it, such as by adding more functions to the base container.

For example, we can make a product like this: the required capacity is 40l, the total height is 1500mm from the floor, the discharge port is mounted at 500mm high, a level meter is added to the body for easy observation of the interior, and casters are added to allow women to move it easily inside a pharmaceutical factory (without damaging the factory flooring).

We can propose such products, which are unique in the world, and can enhance the productivity of your company. We have 120,000 custom-made design drawings for stainless steel containers.

This is an asset that we alone have cultivated over our 60 years of experience.