We offer various types of stainless-steel containers.

Sealed containers (catch clip type)

Easy-to-handle catch clip type sealed containers.

Sanitary containers

Rim area of container and handle are fully welded around the circumference, preventing cleaning solutions and
contaminants from accumulating.

Sealed container with ball valve

Excellent chemical resistance as the valve is also made of stainless steel and the valve seal is made of PTFE.

Slant-bottom type container

As the bottom plate is slanted in the discharge direction, the liquid can be fully discharged.

Hopper type containers with legs

Bottom plate is shaped like a hopper which is excellent for discharging liquids etc.

Jacket containers with agitator mount

Jacketed container supports temperature-controlled

Flange-open type pressurized container with legs

Open type pressurized containers for liquid pressure feeding.

Sanitary beaker

Cleaning fluid and foreign particles do not accumulate because the handles are fully welded all around the circumference.

Sight glass with wiper (integrated type)

Comes with a wiper to ensure visibility even if the window is fogged up by vapor or splashing contents.

More than 1000 other products are available.

We have the product that you want.

Our stainless steel containers are mainly used in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, chemicals, semiconductors, etc.

3 ways to select a stainless-steel container:

① Order the product as the catalog. The catalog contains more than 1000 products. There are a number of products that meet the industry’s unique needs and concerns, such as easy-to-clean containers, rust-resistant and easy-to-use containers suitable for handling chemicals. With a variety of lid shapes and packing materials available, you will surely find a container that suits your business.

②Order the semi-customized product. Products listed in the catalog can be further customized in detail, such as changing the shape of the handle, changing the height of the container, changing the material, and so on. If you want the right container for your equipment, please feel free to consult us.

③Order the full-custom designed product as you want. If you have decided on the shape of the container you want, please send us detailed specifications and drawing data. We can make the product as you want.

It is our job, of course, to conduct in-depth meetings with our sales and manufacturing staff for designing and drafting the products.

Over 80 percent of our products are completely custom-ordered items, and so far drawings for those custom-made products we have made are over 80,000 sheets.

Although there were many difficult requests, we can always overcome the difficulties through trial and error. All of those efforts were accumulated as our knowledge and experience.