Chemical Industry

Slant-bottom Type Container (with funnel)

*Typical Application: chemical manufacturer, etc.
○ Container for charging and filtering liquid.

  • Put the liquid into the upper funnel, remove foreign substances by punching the mesh and filter it to the lower container.
  • With the level meter, you can easily check the amount of liquid that has been filtered and accumulated in the lower container.
  • The bottom of the container is inclined to the discharge drain so that the liquid can be discharged smoothly.
  • The plate thickness is thicker than the normal single-tapered container [KTT-CTL] as reinforcement.

Capacity: 30 L
Size: φ 360 mm × Height 796 mm
Material: SUS304
Board thickness: t 1.5 mm
Finish: internal and external # 320 buffing
Others: Reinforcement board (lid, bottom of body), level gauge
Management number: 1P007816

Mixing container with square-shaped observation window (coated with fluorocarbon resin)

*Typical Application: General chemical material companies, etc.

○ The container body and the stirring blade are made by stainless steel SUS316L, which has corrosion resistance.

  • You can check the stirring condition with a square-shaped observation window.
  • The inner surface of the observation window has a smooth finish with no difference in the inner surface of the container.
  • There is almost no residue left by the sanitary type tank ball valve.
  • High-viscosity contents adhered to the wall can be removed and well-stirred by scraper attaching to the stirrer.
  • The inner surface is coated by non-adhesive fluorocarbon resin for discharging the contents smoothly.

Capacity: 8L
Material: Body: SUS316L
Gasket: Silicon rubber
Square window: Pyrex
Finishing: External buffing (staining for coating process)
Inner 50 μm PFA coating
Parts Agitator: 100V
Agitation blade: SUS316L
Scraper: silicone rubber
Sanitary ball valve: SUS316L
Management number 1L001285