Importance of Tri Clamp and Tightening Torque Management

When we're trying to “tighten” something, we tend to think about fixing the object so that it cannot move at all.

However, “tight screwing” does not necessarily mean “secure tightening. ” It is important to tighten with appropriate torque. Excessive tightening may cause deformation or breakage of parts.

Also, the user should be careful about the protrusion of the gasket due to excessive tightening. The gasket between the piping or between the lid and the container may protrude into or out of the container or piping, resulting in poor sealing performance and contamination.

In this article, we will focus on the inside protrusion of the ferrule gasket. When the ferrule was tightened with a clamp, we experimented on how much the gasket protrudes due to the tightening torque.

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We will participate 23rd INTERPHEX Week Tokyo

Nitto Kinzoku Kogyo will be exhibiting at INTERPHEX Week Tokyo.
INTERPHEX Week Tokyo is Japan's largest professional technology exhibition, exhibiting all products and services related to the R & D and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

About Us

Nitto-Kinzoku have been manufacturing and selling stainless steel containers in Japan since 1957.Our business range is centered on the manufacture and sale of stainless steel containers used in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a wide range of fields including cosmetics, foods, chemicals, semiconductors and more. 

Show Outline

At this exhibition, we will exhibit a measuring unit that can measure the contents of containers and a rotary drum mixer that can stir powder.

English is available.
Please feel free to ask.

[Show Name] 23rd INTERPHEX Week Tokyo
[Dates] December 8 (Wed) – 10 (Fri), 2021
[Venue] Makuhari Messe, Japan
[Booth Number] Hall 9, 6-14

[Organiser] RX Japan Ltd. (Formerly Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.)
[Concurrent Event] INTERPHEX Week Tokyo Technical Conference
[INTERPHEX Week Tokyo consists of]

[Concurrent Show of INTERPHEX Week Tokyo]

[Admission] FREE of charge for those with an exhibition ticket (To receive a ticket for free, click here.)
* JPY 5,000/person will be charged without a ticket.
* This exhibition is primarily open to trade, therefore those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.

Useful Tips, Flexible/Fixed Casters Mounting Location

A stainless steel container is heavier than a resin container. If the container contains contents or is made to withstand pressure, it will be much heavier.
In such stainless containers, it is common to move by using a cart or attaching caster legs.

But isn't it a little irritating when casters don't move the way you want them to?
In fact, there are several different types of casters on the basis of their movement, and the workability can be improved greatly by selecting them according to different usages.

This article explains the combination and arrangement of “Flexible Casters” and “Fixed Casters” among various types of casters according to the usage.


  • This is annoying! The reason why casters don't work well
  • 2 different types of casters: flexible casters and fixed casters
  • Things you need to consider to choose casters appropriately: mobility, convenience of going straight,  weight of objects to be carried
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