When shall it be replaced? Replacement Guidelines for Packing/Gasket for Stainless- steel Containers – Part1

 “Packing” and “gasket” are commonly used for sealed stainless steel containers and for connections to piping and peripheral components.

Because they are consumables, it is necessary to change them at the appropriate time. How often do you change the container?

The actual replacement time varies by the frequency of use and the contents, so this time we have summarized the general replacement guidelines for the silicone rubber seals [PQA] [PQB] [PQL] that come with standard  airtight containers of our company.

Replacement guidelines for packing and gasket

When degraded

Is the packing worn out, broken or chipped?

If the packing is damaged, it may cause foreign matter to get mixed in, so please replace it with a new one immediately.

In addition to the cause of foreign matter, it can also cause leakage of contents or loss of sealing.

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