Pressure Vessel Classification in Japan

A pressure vessel is a container intended to apply pressure to the inside of a vessel.
In Japan, pressure vessels are classified into several types according to their specifications and contents. Therefore, this column explains the standards for pressure vessels in Japan, focusing on First Class Pressure Vessels and Second Class Pressure Vessels.

Contents of this article

  • Pressure vessels are divided into First Class Pressure Vessels, Second Class Pressure Vessels.
  • The key point is whether or not gas is generated inside the vessel when pressure is applied.
  • Pay attention to laws and regulations, and do not neglect inspections.

Pressure vessels can be dangerous under pressure, so standards are established according to the magnitude and conditions of the pressure.
If they are not strong enough, serious accidents can occur. In Japan, the Industrial Safety and Health Act and Ordinance on Safety of Boilers and Pressure Vessels specify the structure of pressure vessels in detail.

Vessels are classified according to their size and the amount of pressure they handle, and some vessels require certification.
Classifications include First Class Pressure Vessel, Small-sized Pressure Vessel, Second Class Pressure Vessel, and (simplified) vessels.


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Participated in the ACHEMA exhibition

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