Introducing Customizations to Improve Input and Discharge Losses Based on Case Studies

When we hear from our customers about troubles they are encountering in the installation or renewal of equipment, we often receive consultations about loss and yield improvements.

Our equipment, offered by Nitto Kinzoku Kogyo, can be customized from a single unit, so we propose changes such as adding or changing components, or altering the design, based on what we learn from your requirements.

While the proposals will vary depending on the working environment and the nature of the work, in this column, we will focus on the “input” and “output” stages, and introduce customizations that have actually been adopted, primarily aimed at loss and yield improvement.

Introducing by Causes of Loss

【1】Work flutters or scatters

【2】Spilling during input

【3】Cannot be completely discharged from the container (there is liquid remaining)