What is a “stainless-steel-container-without-gaps-that-can-shorten-the-cleaning time”? – Part 2

In Part 1, we introduced about the dirt on the curled part and how to deal with it.

Stainless-steel beaker without folding crease

By eliminating edge wrapping and folding at the end of the container where dirt accumulates, the cleaning performance will be improved.

We made some experiments to compare those stainless-steel beakers [translated from Japanese]​

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What is a “stainless-steel-container-without-gaps-that-can-shorten-the-cleaning time”? – Part 1

Have you ever encountered situations like those?

  1. The contents and dirt got into the edge of the container and could not be removed.
  2. Troubled by the accumulated dirt on the handle.
  3. In the cleaning process, it takes a long time to remove the dirt and cleaning fluid entered into the gap of the container.

If dirt or foreign matter gets into the gap of the container, it is not easy to remove them.

Not only does it take time for the cleaning process, but dirt and cleaning fluid that cannot be removed may cause contamination.

So, what kind of stainless-steel container can shorten the cleaning time?

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