CTLK : Sealed Container with Padlock


Sealed container to prevent unauthorized use and accidental opening by locking the opening and closing of the band.

○Stainless steel container that can be locked.
○Locking prevents contact with third parties and unauthorized use.
In addition, it prevents the lever band from falling off due to impact when moving.

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​Product Specifications

Container [CTL] ... SUS304

Lever band [LB] ... SUS304 (hole diameter: φ4mm)

Packing [PQL] ... silicon rubber (Food Sanitation Law compliant products)

Padlock ... brass

● Surface treatment: the inner and outer surfaces buffing

● use conditions: atmospheric pressure (pressurization and depressurization is impossible)

Capacity: 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L, 36L, 45L, 50L, 65L, 70L, 80L, 100L

Please contact us for more capacity.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

Model # List

Unit of length is mm.

Details & Notes

Usage Examples

  • To prevent misuse, it is used to store hazardous materials (Poisonous substances, dangerous drugs, etc.).
  • Since it is a stainless steel container with a key, it is used as a container for storing toxic parts such as pufferfish pulp.
  • One key can lock multiple padlocks (custom order).

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[CTHK] Sealed Container with Wire lock

Prevents accidental opening during transportation.

Available to products made of SUS316L material!

The standard material for Nitto Kinzoku is SUS304.
SUS316L is a material with higher corrosion resistance than SUS304.
It contains an ingredient called “molybdenum”, which is not contained in SUS304.
This molybdenum makes the passive film thicker and improves the corrosion resistance.

SUS316L is a low-carbon type stainless steel with a low carbon content, and is resistant to corrosion (intergranular corrosion) in the welding area where parts are connected to each other.
SUS316L is generally recognized as a high-grade model of stainless steel material.

It is a material that is commonly used in production sites in the pharmaceutical industry.
If you are concerned about rust and corrosion resistance, we recommend you to select SUS316L.
For more details, please contact us.



Can I change it to a stainless steel padlock?
Please contact us.
Do you have a container larger than 100 liters?
Since the shape of the lever band of the tank larger than 100 L is different, it cannot be locked with a padlock.

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