Creating Innovation.
Innovating Creation.

On June 10, 1957, Nitto Kinzoku Kogyo was born in the Land of the Rising Sun, with the hope of being as prosperous as the rising sun from the east.

On April 1, 2024, our company will take a new step forward as MONOVATE Co., Ltd.

We don't just want to create things; we want to create our customers' “monozukuri” (craftsmanship and manufacturing).

This is our vision and commitment.

Our Purpose

We are a “Manufacturing Innovation Company”

For 66 years since our founding, we have delivered stainless steel containers to many customers.

We have diligently pursued and realized the quality our customers need.

In doing so, we have outgrown the label of a “stainless steel container manufacturer.”

Our Vision

“Manufacturing Innovation Company” –

To clearly define our purpose, Nitto Kinzoku Kogyo will change its name on April 1, 2024.

Supporting our customers' unique [MONO] products with our unique products and proposals.
Innovating manufacturing through manufacturing [INNOVATE].

Our Commitment in the Logo

To express trust in manufacturing, the overall design is kept simple.
The teal color of the logo signifies a sense of uniqueness and creativity within a calm demeanor.

The “O” represents our stainless steel containers and symbolizes our willingness to embrace and address various customer needs and concerns.

As a company with a broad perspective, we aim to combine the skills and ideas of our customers and ourselves to reach even greater heights.
Our new company name and logo, MONOVATE, embody this commitment.

We want to support our customers' innovation and the world's innovation from every field, with stainless steel containers and beyond.

To ensure that theoretical ideas don't remain just theories.
To keep our customers' spirit of challenge from rusting.

As a “Manufacturing Innovation Company,” we support the innovation of everyone involved in creating products.

Message from CEO

Joseph Schumpeter, an economist known as the father of innovation, introduced the concept of innovation using the term “new combination” in his work The Theory of Economic Development.

“Innovation is a new combination.”

This is the definition of innovation as we at MONOVATE understand it.

We want to create innovation through new combinations of our customers' manufacturing and MONOVATE's manufacturing.

Innovating manufacturing through manufacturing. Innovating manufacturing itself.

Masanori Oyama
President and CEO