Corrosion/Chemical resistance

HEPA unit with stainless steel car


Pharmaceutical manufacturer delivery
○ It is a custom-made case of a stainless steel truck with HEPA unit used in the manufacturing process of an injectable formulation.

This HEPA unit is an on-battery-mounted formula, and has a merit that can be moved with positive pressure protection (retained a grade A environment), and it is used when transporting products (vials) filled with a sterile environment as a sterile .
Digital type differential pressure gauge is installed so that the degree of positive pressure can be monitored.
The height can be varied to receive the vials transported by this HEPA with a stainless steel carriage.

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​Product Specifications

Dimensions W540mm × D1008mm × H1557mm
(Maximum outline dimensions and protrusions)
Material SUS304 (body, door, shelf)
Surface treatment hairline finish
Other HEPA units, differential pressure meter, lifter
AC100V Battery-Driven Rechargeable

Management number 1R007465

Details & Notes

Customers who have adopted this product “Pharmaceutical Maker N”

This time, I think that Nitto Metal requested a stainless steel truck with HEPA and was very good.

So far, SUS tanks for the pharmaceutical sector had a sufficient track record, but stainless steel products equipped with HEPA units have not been achieved.

At the beginning of the request, there was a slight anxiety, but while being a combination of specifications, the passion of Mr. Nitto Metal, who wants to challenge new areas, and finally with HEPA that can be used sufficiently for aseptic preparation production. Stainless steel truck completed.

We are very grateful to respond to selfish demands, such as combining the lifting platform to combine the work form.

I think that it is a highly reliable product that can be finished and durable and usable.
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