ST : Universal Container (Handle Type)


Optimal storage container for temporary storage of powder, liquid, etc.
Standard round stainless tank with lid.

Convenient storage container for temporary storage and transportation of powder, liquid, etc.
Comes with a lid to prevent dust from entering.
There is a special carriage for transportation.
The corner of the bottom has an R-structure that prevents dirt from accumulating.
On this size comparison page, you can see the image of holding a container.
Please take a look if you want to check the size difference of each size.

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​Product Specifications

Container Body ... SUS 304
Lid [SF] ... SUS 304
*Over 565 (150 L) size [HF]
Handle ... SUS 304
Surface Treatment: Inner and Outer Surface Buff Polishing
Conditions of use: atmospheric pressure (Do not pressurize or decompress.)

Capacity: 4 L, 7 L, 10 L, 15 L, 20 L, 25 L, 36 L, 45 L, 50 L, 65 L, 70 L, 80 L, 100 L, 150 L, 200 L, 300 L, 400 L, 500 L, 750 L, 1000 L
*We can make other sizes.

SUS 316 L type is also available.
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There is a special truck for carrying containers.
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Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

Model # List

ST-18 41.118018019224941 0.7 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-21 71.421021022228241 0.7 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-24101.824024025431541 0.7Stock lidCompliant2
ST-27152.527027028435056 0.8 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-30203300300346380560.8 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-33253.7330330346436630.8 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-36364.836036037846952 0.9 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-39455.338739040549667 0.9 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-39H506.3387480405496 67 0.9 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-43657.443045045254882 1 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-43H707.943052045254882 1 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-47809.8470470492592101 1.2 Stock lidCompliant2
ST-47H10011.5470600492592101 1.2 Stock lidCompliant2
Unit of length is mm.
ST-56515016.95656005966856301161.2Flat LidCompliant2
ST-565H20021.85659005966859301161.2Flat LidCompliant2
ST-63530033635100066075010301821.5Flat LidCompliant2
ST-77400507709008008879301822Flat LidCompliant20
ST-77H500558770110080088711301822Flat LidCompliant20
ST-10075083 100010351034111910651812Flat LidCompliant30
ST-100H100099100013601034111913901812Flat LidCompliant30
Unit of length is mm.

Details & Notes

Easy-to-clean corner R bottom

Round stainless container without corners.
R (Radius/Round) is attached to the rising part of the bottom to prevent the contents from entering and to make it easy to remove dirt.
Can be used hygienically as it has excellent washability inside the container that directly touches the contents.

The attached lid differs depending on the size.

ST -18 ~ 47 H size comes with stock lid, and over 565 size comes with flat lid as standard.

The stock lid is a cover lid with a knob.
Standard accessories for sizes ST -18 to 47 H.

Flat lid is a cover lid with flat top.
Standard accessory for ST -565 to 100 H.
Sizes ST -18 to 47 H can be changed to a flat lid as an option.

Dedicated truck to support transportation of stainless steel containers (Sold separately)

For moving heavy containers or large containers with contents, it is recommended to use the special cart “Container carrying truck” for stainless steel containers made by Nitto Kinzoku Kogyo.
Available in sizes that match the container size, the specifications can be selected according to the customer’s preferences and usage environment.

You can also buy only the “packing” “container body”.

Please let us know your desired specifications at the time of the estimate. We also accept orders for consumable items such as lids only and packing only.
*We do not sell only handles and clips.

Available to products made of SUS316L material!

The standard material for Nitto Kinzoku is SUS304.
SUS316L is a material with higher corrosion resistance than SUS304.
It contains an ingredient called “molybdenum”, which is not contained in SUS304.
This molybdenum makes the passive film thicker and improves the corrosion resistance.

SUS316L is a low-carbon type stainless steel with a low carbon content, and is resistant to corrosion (intergranular corrosion) in the welding area where parts are connected to each other.
SUS316L is generally recognized as a high-grade model of stainless steel material.

It is a material that is commonly used in production sites in the pharmaceutical industry.
If you are concerned about rust and corrosion resistance, we recommend you to select SUS316L.
For more details, please contact us.



Can I change the material of the container?
I can do it. There is SUS316L. Click here for details
I corrosion resistance of need ...
It can surface treatment of the fluorine resin coating.
Manufacturing method of the container, do press?
It is not pressing. It is welding.
Can I change the height and volume of the container?
I can do it. It becomes special order.
Is it possible to manufacture the angular type of tank instead of a round?
Please contact us. You can send the image and I hope in the illustrations.

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