[PCN-O] Flange Open Pressurized Container


Pressure vessel with flange opening.
Straight type with the same bore and inner diameter.

○As it is an open type, it can be easily cleaned.
○Swing bolt type that prevents parts from falling off when opening and closing the lid.
○You can select accessories according to your use.
○As it is a build-to-order product, you can make changes to "Dimension" "Material" and customize it to suit your needs.

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​Product Specifications

Container Body ... SUS 304
Handle, Hakama ... SUS 304
Lid ... SUS 304
O-Ring ... Silicon Rubber
●Surface Treatment: Inner and Outer Surface Buff Polishing

Capacity: 10 L, 20 L, 30 L, 40 L, 50 L, 80 L, 100 L, 150 L, 200 L
Contact us for other capacities.

Reference ​Dimensional Drawing

Details & Notes

ModelCapacityWeightDiameterFlange DiameterInternal
Lid HeightOverall
Lid NozzleWorking PressureRoHSLead
LkgD1D3H1H2H3H4tSize and QuantityRoom TemperatureDays
PCN-O-101021259.43552402501243741.51S: 4, 2S: 10~0.18MPaCompliant40
PCN-O-202023259.43554304401245641.51S: 4, 2S: 10~0.18MPaCompliant40
PCN-O-303031309.540644045011256221.5 S: 3, 2S: 20~0.18MPaCompliant40
PCN-O-404034345.644049050011961921.5 S: 3, 2S: 20~0.18MPaCompliant40
PCN-O-505042396.449249050013163121.5 S: 3, 2S: 20~0.18MPaCompliant40
PCN-O-808047396.449272073013186121.5 S: 3, 2S: 20~0.18MPaCompliant40
PCN-O-1001006050059560061015676621.5 S: 3, 2S: 20~0.18MPaCompliant40
PCN-O-15015066500595850860156101621.5 S: 3, 2S: 20~0.18MPaCompliant40
PCN-O-20020085550645930940166110621.5 S: 3, 2S: 20~0.18MPaCompliant40

Unit of length is mm.


Can I change the material of the container?
can. There is SUS316L.
I corrosion resistance of need ...
It can surface treatment of the fluorine resin coating.
Size is not in the catalog, can I capacity?
We manufacture by changing the height of the container of the near capacity.

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