Do you know the high grade material “SUS 316 L” of rust-resistant stainless steel?

It is important to maintain durability, light resistance, cleaning, and sterilization in the production and storage of cannabis-oriented products.

The stainless steel container is held in place by four equally spaced strong clamps, the underside of which is bordered by silicon. These combinations maintain airtightness and deodorization.

This time, we will introduce the details of the “material” of stainless steel containers that are used in pharmaceuticals and Cannabis plants.

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Stainless steel is famous as a rust-resistant metal, but there are various kinds of stainless steel materials, and the strength of corrosion resistance is different. If you’re looking for a stainless steel container that’s more secure and functional than cheaper, this article should help.

What is rust-resistant stainless steel?

Generally, in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, the following materials are called high-grade stainless steel materials.


SUS 316L is a material that is more resistant to corrosion than ordinary stainless steel.

(The type of stainless steel is indicated in accordance with JIS standards. “SUS” represents stainless steel, followed by a number representing each steel type.)

One of the important factors in the quality of containers is "corrosion resistance."

If you store and store cannabis or CBD material, you need to avoid the risk of foreign material getting into it as much as possible, but if you use metal containers, the risk of “rusting” is always there.

If rust occurs, the following accidents could occur.

・Fragments of the rusted body get mixed into the content liquid and powder.

・Crackage or loss of rusted parts.

It is very important to avoid the risk of “rusting” and “corrosion”, especially in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing factories where high hygiene standards are needed.

Many stainless steel products, known as “rust-resistant,” are widely used in such fields.

Stainless steel containers can be stored appropriately while avoiding corrosion of the container body.

Different stainless steel materials have different performance of corrosion resistance

SUS 304 widely used worldwide

The stainless steel that we touch the most in our life is SUS 304.

The stainless steel material SUS 304 is said to be the most common type of steel and is used in a variety of places, including food equipment, general scientific equipment, building materials, the paper industry, the rolling stock industry, and kitchen equipment.

Our company also uses SUS 304 as a standard material.

SUS 316 with improved corrosion resistance

The material with higher corrosion resistance performance than SUS 304 is SUS 316.

There is a component called “molybdenum” which is not contained in SUS 304.

This molybdenum makes the passive film thicker and improves corrosion resistance.

Improved corrosion resistance in welding! High Grade Material SUS 316L

SUS316L is a material invented as an “updated version” of SUS316.

Metal has the property that while heat is applied during processing,  the metal material becomes easy to corrode and break.

SUS 316L is a low-carbon type stainless steel with a low carbon ratio contained in SUS 316. It is a material that is resistant to corrosion (intergranular corrosion) at the weld zone where parts are joined together.

SUS 316L is generally recognized as a high-grade model of stainless steel.

The quality of the cannabis is important, but it is also important to keep the high quality of the cannabis. Material selection is very important.

The following stainless steel container are made of SUS316L with excellent performance of corrosion resistance.

Nitto Kinzoku Kogyo can manufacture every container with SUS 316L material.

The container body can be changed to SUS 316 L material.
Most of the products on the product page are made of SUS 304, but it is possible to make them with SUS 316L material.
We will change the material of the body part where the liquid and powder you handle come into contact to SUS 316 L.
We also accept customized orders for products made by SUS 316 L materials. Please feel free to contact us.

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