Easy to wash & mounting without tools! Essential for containers and piping “Tri-clamp Ferrule”

Piping and valves are connected to stainless steel containers and related equipment when water or raw materials are fed into them. These connections use “joints” such as threaded fittings, flanges, and ferrules.

We will introduce their applications, types in this article, and we will also introduce the related products of “Tri-clamp ferrules” which are used in processes that require a more hygienic environment.

What you'll know from this article:

1.How tri-clamp ferrule works and how it is used
2. Various standards of tri-clamp ferrule
3. Basic knowledge of tri-clamp ferrule and its connecting joints

What is Tri-clamp Ferrule?

Ferrule is a fitting which is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to clean.
It is also called “sanitary piping” or “sanitary fitting”.

How the Tri-clamp Ferrule Works

Ferrule has a groove in the connection and holds the cruciform shaped gasket between them. It can be fastened with a clamp band.
Tightening and loosening can be done easily by hand without tools.

Uses of Tri-clamp Ferrule

Because tri-clamp ferrule can be assembled and disassembled without tools, so it is often used for parts that are frequently removed for cleaning.
Tri-clamp ferrule’s pipes are free of irregularities and have excellent cleaning properties, and it is difficult to get liquid remained, which reduced the risk of foreign matter and bacteria from invading.

For those characteristics, they are mainly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products for sanitary products.
Ferrule can also be used for low pressure and low vacuum applications.

What does "Sanitary" refer to?

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Essential for sealing performance! Different Materials and Characteristics of Rubber Gaskets

Gaskets are widely used to seal the stainless steel container. To use the container safely and correctly, compatibility with the gasket is very important, too.

In this article, we will introduce the materials used in the gaskets of stainless steel container.

Main materials of gasket

Silicone rubber (Q)

Silicon rubber gasket has characteristics such as weather resistance, chemical resistance, non-adhesiveness, and ozone resistance. Also, it has excellent flame resistance, water repellency, electrical insulation, etc.

Not only for industrial purposes, the silicon rubber is also used for household products.

This is a standard gasket material for Nitto Kinzoku’s stainless steel sealed container.

Operating temperature range: -70 ° C to + 200 ° C

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“Slant-Bottom Container”: An Advanced Type of Stainless-Steel Container​

Stainless-steel containers are often used at work, in factories, at home, as containers for storing raw materials, and as cooking utensils. Among those stainless-steel containers, there may not be too many people know “slant-bottom container” yet.

This time, we will introduce “slant-bottom container” which is a little different from ordinary containers.

What is a "Slant-Bottom" Container"?

A slant-bottom container has a bottom sloping toward the outlet. So, even if the container is not tilted, the liquid will naturally collected at the outlet. This mechanism is excellent in liquid discharging performance.

Normal Flat-Bottom Containers: Waste of liquid

Because there is a certain distance between the outlet and the bottom of the container, where liquid remains. And the liquid waste happens due to the difficulty of discharging the entire amount of liquid.
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